The 3Play Media API uses API keys to authenticate requests. You can manage your Admin and Project API keys on the API Access Management page. API keys have one of the following access levels:

  • Admin: Manage other API keys, users, and projects.
  • Project: Manage files, transcripts, audio descriptions, and live ASRs. Place orders.
  • Observer: Read-only access to files, transcripts, audio descriptions, etc., including IDs and metadata.

Once you have an API key, you can test your access by issuing a GET request to the /v3/authenticate endpoint.

Signed Authentication

Two authentication methods, "basic" and "signed", are set up at the account level. Basic authentication works as described above: you provide an API key in your request parameters. For an added layer of security, signed authentication adds an expiring signature to requests, which is generated using an API secret key that is never exposed unless you request it.

Please file a support ticket to set up signed authentication for your account if you want this added security.