Welcome to the 3Play Media API documentation! Our API is a RESTful web service that enables you to interact programmatically with our platform for a wide range of services such as Transcription, Captioning, Audio Description, Live Professional Captioning, and Live ASR.

We understand that sometimes you want to experiment with APIs before integrating them into your product. That's why we have Sandbox Projects that enable you to test and play around with our APIs without incurring any charges or affecting your account. This feature lets you get familiar with the API's functionality and behavior before going live.

Our API is designed to be simple to integrate yet flexible enough to handle complex use cases. We provide comprehensive documentation that includes code samples, endpoints, request and response structures, and error codes. We strive to make your integration process as easy as possible while ensuring that your applications are efficient, scalable, and reliable.

With 3Play Media's API, you can easily automate your transcription and captioning workflows or build custom applications on our platform. Our API's versatility, extensive documentation, and helpful support make it a must-have tool for any developer. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!