Transcription-Only Accounts

Because transcription-only accounts are limited in which services they can order, there is a commensurate limit on which API endpoints can be accessed.

Below is a list of endpoints to which transcription-only accounts have access:

  • /authenticate
  • /batches
  • /cheat_sheets
  • /files
  • /glossaries
  • /languages
  • /project
  • /transcripts
    • /transcripts/:id
    • /transcripts/:id/download
    • /transcripts/:id/expiring_editing_link
    • /transcripts/:id/text
    • /transcripts/order/transcription/help
    • /transcripts/order/transcription/turnarounds
    • /transcripts/output_formats
    • POST /transcripts/order/transcription
    • POST /transcripts/:id/callback
    • POST /transcripts/:id/make_default
    • POST transcripts/:id/redeliver

Transcription-only accounts have access to all endpoints under the routes listed above, with the exception of /transcripts, where the available endpoints are explicitly listed.