Streamless Live Professional Captioning

A "streamless" event is one in which a 3Play captioner joins an event directly rather than giving 3Play an audio or video stream. In order to order streamless Live Captioning, you'll first need to create a Media File in the application. All services in 3Play originate from a Media File, including streamless events. For a streamless event, there isn't any actual media attached, it merely serves as a bucket that we add services to on the platform.

To order a streamless event, make the following calls:

  • Create Media File - But wait, this is a streamless live event, why do we need a media file? All of our other services in 3play work with media files, so we built all of our live flows around the same base architecture. For a streamless event, you're merely creating a media file "bucket" we'll attach things to, including the Live event and the transcript it generates. To do this, call the media file endpoint with only these properties. Note: language_id=1 is for English.
    • {
        "name": "<fill in name>",
        "language_id": 1
  • Order Live Professional Captioning - Call this supplying the following items in the body
    • has_live_stream - false (always false)
    • media_file_id - the id returned in the "Create Media File" call above
    • start_time - Event start time in ISO8601 format (Ex: 2024-04-11T12:00:00.000-05:00)
    • estimated_duration - Duration in milliseconds (Ex: 1800000 for 30 minutes)
    • meeting_location - Link to meeting captioner should join or a phone number to connect to event audio (Ex: <>
    • additional_instructions - Instructions for the captioner
    • captioner_join_time - When the captioner should join the event. This must be before start_time, in ISO8601 format ((Ex: 2024-04-11T11:40:00.000-05:00 - 20 minutes before start_time)

We've only listed the required fields above, please check Order Live Professional Captioning for other options that are configurable for a streamless event.