Quick Start

This quick start guide walks you through placing your first order for human captions. You can follow these steps by making API calls through:

  1. Our Postman Workspace
  2. Our Interactive API Documentation on this developer hub
  3. Your own custom code

If following along via your own custom code, feel free to use the code samples listed to the right of each API endpoint.


  • Your account manager has created an account for you in the 3Play platform.
  • You've completed the steps to set up your account.

Grab your API Key

Navigate to the API Management Page and grab your API key. If you have not created a key yet, you can do so on this page.

Test your API Key

To test your API Key, issue a request to the Authenticate endpoint. If you receive a 200 response, you're ready to start ordering through our APIs.

  "code": 200,
  "data": { "status": "ok", "access_type": "project" },
  "meta": {}

Order Human Captions

To order human captions, follow the steps in the Order Human Captions guide.