RTMP Live Professional Captioning

In order to order RTMP Live Captioning, you'll first need to create a Media File in the application. All services in 3Play originate from a Media File, including live events. For an RTMP event, there isn't any actual media attached, it merely serves as a bucket that we add services to on the platform.

To order an RTMP event, make the following calls:

  • Create Media File - All of our other services in 3play work with media files, so we built all of our live flows around the same base architecture. For an RTMP event, you're merely creating a media file "bucket" we'll attach things to, including the Live event and the transcript it generates. To do this, call the media file endpoint with only these properties. Note: language_id=1 is for English.
    • {
        "name": "<fill in name>",
        "language_id": 1
  • Order Live Professional Captioning - Call this supplying the following items in the body
    • media_file_id - the id returned in the "Create Media File" call above
    • start_time - Event start time in ISO8601 format (Ex: 2024-04-11T12:00:00.000-05:00)
    • estimated_duration - Duration in milliseconds (Ex: 1800000 for 30 minutes)

We've only listed the required fields above, please check Order Live Professional Captioning for other options that are configurable for an RTMP event.

Once you have successfully ordered your Live Event, the response will include a stream_url property. This will be the RTMP destination URL you will need to stream your event to.