Observer Keys

Read-only access to specific collections

Observer Keys provide read-only access to certain endpoints. You can create observer keys via API by using the v3/admin/api_accesses/create endpoint. In a POST request, you must specify:

  • name - Name of the API key
  • access_type - Value must be observer
  • project_id - ID of the project the key can observe
  • user_id - ID of the user to whom the API key belongs (optional, but you will receive a deprecated warning if not supplied)

Creating and managing observer API keys via the 3Play Media UI is not currently supported.

Below is a list of endpoints to which observer keys have access. All routes without a specific endpoint represent the index endpoint; i.e. /audio_descriptions is the index of the audio_descriptions endpoint.

  • /audio_descriptions
    • /audio_descriptions/:id
    • /audio_descriptions/audio_formats
    • /audio_descriptions/deliveries
    • /audio_descriptions/mix_formats
    • /audio_descriptions/text_formats
    • /audio_descriptions/:id/audio
    • /audio_descriptions/:id/text
    • /audio_descriptions/:id/mix
  • /batches
    • /batches/:id
  • /cheat_sheets
    • /cheat_sheets/:id
  • /files
    • /files/:id
  • /glossaries
    • /glossaries/:id
  • /languages
  • /live_auto_captions
    • /live_auto_captions/:id
  • /services/approvals
    • /services/approvals/:id
  • /transcripts
    • /transcripts/:id
    • /transcripts/deliveries
    • /transcripts/output_formats
    • /transcripts/:id/text
  • /translation_profile
  • /translation_service_options
  • /turnaround_levels
  • /video_platform_integrations

Endpoints may have required parameters not listed here. See a specific endpoint's documentation for additional details.